Update on Bendrgg Trust

Nick LileyThe speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 3rd April was Nick Liley from Bendrigg Lodge, who gave the club an update on the work and aims of the Bendriggg Trust.

Started in 1977, the centre now has over 60 bedrooms and caters for over 4000 disabled children every year providing lifeskills, adventure, broadening horizons, but above all having fun.  The centre manned by both full time staff and many volunteers, now has many on-site facilities including a climbing wall, indoor cave, zip wire and tube slide to name but a few.

Their latest project to build a new accommodation annex is due to open in May.

Tom Hewitt's Job Talk

The speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 27th March was Tom Hewitt, our newest member, who gave his ‘Job Talk’.

He outlined his career in the Police Force in Cumbria up to his retirement, which ranged from postings to Maryport, Temple Sowerby, Keswick  and Kendal (and others) and he told us many of his fascinating and humorous experiences while serving there

Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases

The speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 20th March was Dr. Soonu Verghese from the Rotary Club of Penrith, who gave an illustrated presentation on Mosquito borne diseases, and in particular Malaria.

He is currently trying to set up a programme in Tanzania aimed at the prevention of this deadly disease. In Tanzania someone dies every 60 seconds from malaria and he outlined the ways in which it can be combated by the use of several preventative measures.

In many cases sufferers can be cured and there is a vaccine although not that effective as of yet. Prevention is by far the best option.