World War I and the people of Kendal

Arthur NichollsThe speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 10th November was Arthur Nicholls, the well known local historian, who appropriately, at this time of remembrance, gave a presentation on the effect of WWI to the people of Kendal and how it affected the everyday lives of the inhabitants.

Having trawled the Westmorland Gazette archives for that period he found many interesting, tragic, funny and poignant stories which gave a glimpse of how the war impacted on local people.

At the same meeting a cheque for over £8000 was presented to Tony Crane of the Royal British Legion which was raised by the Rotary Clubs of Ambleside and Kendal at a Military Band concert held recently in Kendal.

British Legion Cheque handover

Kendal Town Football Club

Haydon Munslow

The speaker at the meeting of The Rotary Club of Kendal on 3rd November was Haydon Munslow, the current Chairman of Kendal Town Football Club, who gave a talk about the Club. 

He gave a history of the club dating from the time when it was known as Netherfield FC right up to the present day. The Club, which is non profit making, is owned by the members and is run with help of many volunteers and relies on many loyal sponsors and supporters to finance it. The players are all part time and all have regular day jobs.

They are currently lying mid table in the league and recently beat the league leaders, Salford.

Crocus Planting 2014

Crocus Planting 2014Over the last five years, the Rotary Club of Kendal has every autumn planted crocus bulbs on the approach roads into Kendal. It all started in 2010 when Rotary International decided to plant them all over the country to celebrate the success of its attempt to eradicate Polio worldwide. That year the first batch of 10.000 purple ones were planted on Milnthorpe Road and made a splendid show the following spring. This proved so successful that the Club decided that they would like to continue the planting of 10,000 more bulbs in successive years (now including yellow ones).

Crocus Planting 2014Kendal Town Council and specifically The Kendal in Bloom Committee agreed to fund the project which they have done every year. To date, Windermere Road, Shap Road and Burton Road (by Kirkby Kendal School) have been planted and last Sunday it was decided to plant them on the entrance to Westmorland General Hospital.

That is why a team of Rotarians were seen bent over frantically digging like moles and managing to plant all 10,000 bulbs in 55 minutes which make a grand total of 50,000 so far (is this a record?). With any luck they should look magnificent in Spring and provide a colourful display at this entrance to the hospital. It is hoped to continue with more planting next year.

A Business in a Box

The speakers at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 27th October were Rotarians Ken Billington and Jill Storer from the Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven who gave a presentation on their charity, “Trade Aid”, which is a charity, formed eight years ago, which assembles and distributes boxes of tools, at a cost of £450 each, to poor countries.

Each tool box is aimed at specific trades, - builders, mechanics, teachers, blacksmiths, handymen, tailors/seamstresses and carpenters. To date, over 800 have been distributed in 35 countries and £350,000 raised. The mission statement is “Humanitarian Aid to Build Self Respect”

Update on the Bendrigg Trust

The speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 20th October was Trevor Clarke, the Principal of the Bendrigg Trust at Old Hutton, who gave us an update on the work of the charity.

Last year the Rotary Club  gave a donation from  their Graham Lowe Charity Fund and Trevor explained how the money was used and explained how specific individuals benefited by attending various courses and workshops. The Club is always keen to support local charities and the Bendrigg Trust is a prime example  of one which benefits the whole area.