The Khiraule Project - Update

The speaker at the meeting of Kendal Rotary on 4th March was Philip Hoyle, one of our own members. He gave an update on the clubs ongoing project to help Kiraule, a remote village in Nepal and how the recent two earthquakes has affected them. 

It takes four days hard trekking just to reach it and everything has to carried either by mules or carried in by themselves. Originally the club funded the village with £30,000 to help build and equip a new school which is now up and running.  The earthquakes resulted in many houses being destroyed and they are now gradually being re-built and there are plans to build a community centre for which £20,000 is needed. 

The club has already put aside £10,000 towards the fund with more to come.

A Short Story

The speakers at the meeting of Kendal Rotary on 25th February were Judith Shingler and Alison Peake of the Ambleside Oral History Group who gave an illustrated presentation entitled  ‘A Short Story’ which was the story of Short Brothers factory for the building and maintenance of Sunderland Flying Boats at White Cross Bay on Windermere during WW2, which included spoken tales and anecdotes from the village built for the workers and their families.

Their presentation featured many photographs of the Sunderland Flying boat including one film of the only plane to land on a grass airfield because the hull had been damaged. The captain and all the crew survived uninjured, a remarkable feat of flying skill.

Charles Robinson at Barclays Bank

The speaker at the meeting of Kendal Rotary on 4th February was Charles Robinson, one of their own members.  This year, Charles will have been a Rotarian for 40 years and he gave a talk about his time working for Barclays Bank. 

He told the story of his involvement in an attempted bank raid on a local branch in Darlington and how he was one of the first on the scene. He was sent in by the police to see how much money had been taken and was very surprised to see one member of staff had been shot and was lying on the floor and being attended to, whilst another had apprehended the burglar and had him an head lock.

Charles recognised the man and informed the police who quickly arrested the man who subsequently was sentenced to 10 year in prison. Just another day in the life of a bank manager!