RYPEN 2013

Written by Angie Biggs. Posted in Youth Reports

RYPENRYPEN, or Rotary Youth Enrichment Programme, gives a week at the Castle Head Centre near Grange for fourteen year olds. It's a bit like the RYLA week that Jack Cottam went on, but generally attended by students who haven't yet shown their leadership potential, those less certain of themselves than Jack. We aim to send two students from Kendal and have been lucky enough to be given a free place, so long as we paid for one. This is very useful, since each place costs more than £400.

On the final day a presentation is given by the students for Rotarians and parents. What stood out for me, when I went in October, was how well the organisers had worked with the group of over thirty students, who arrived shy and, I'm sure, not easy to work with as a whole group. They all spoke of the confidence they had gained. They weren't young people who could easily stand up and talk to an audience, but they had been given the confidence to do this and all sorts of other daunting things.


Wednesday October 16th was a day of heavy rain and that was when they spent a night bivvying on the fells. I'm sure they were all soaked, but they loved it! Emily's summing up of her week tells us why.

What Emily had to say about her RYPEN week at Castle Head Field Centre

To be honest, I'm not the most confident person, unless I'm with my friends. So when I was told that I was going on a trip with strangers from other schools, I was very nervous. However, everyone here at Castlehead and in Team Trev are absolute legends! On the first day we did some team building exercises and I was willing to get involved with everything.

From the very start I knew I could trust these guys, which is important, considering the benefit of the team. The best bit for me was the abseiling tree. I had to put a lot of trust in my team and I got to the very top. The view was amazing! From this trip I have learnt to try more things and how easy it is to trust new people, and I've found a lot more selfconfidence.

I just want to say thanks to everyone at Castle Head and most definitely Team Trev. And also to all the others of you who have made this experience for me.