Tools For Self Reliance

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The speakers at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 24th August were Ruth Ogden and John Mullen from Tools for Self Reliance, who gave a presentation detailing the work of the charity.

Its aim is to provide tools and training for African countries. All tools are accepted and refurbished by over 50 support groups throughout the country before being sent to the headquarters and then shipped to Africa.

They work with partner organisations in various countries and have Bishop Desmond Tutu and Bishop John Sentamu as patrons.

Supporting People with Sight Loss

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Claire Hart

The speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 17th August  was Claire Hart from Sight Advice South Lakes who gave a presentation about the charity.

The charity, founded in 1956, deals with visual impairment, quality of life and awareness of sight issues. Based at Stricklandgate House, it  encompasses many functions and workshops such as manning the hospital desk, drop-ins, home visits, support groups, I T demonstrations, a Low Vision Clinic, a social and leisure group, visual training awareness and most importantly volunteers as well as fund raising.


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Alvina LabsvirsAlvina Labsvirs spent 8 months there teaching English and touring the country.

Her visit was inspired by early images of the Vietnam war. The war was eventually won by the communists in the north and the country is still under communist rule but restricted commercialism is allowed to keep the people content and non-rebellious.  Alvina visited several sites from the war including the underground tunnel systems as well as meeting people and descendants who are still suffering disabilities from exposure to "agent orange" which was used extensively.

Vietnam was ruled by the French for 100 years so their architecture is very evident. Motor bikes are the main transport and health and education is generally not funded by the state! The weather is always hot but often wet in the monsoon. Food is generally broth/vegetable based but good and cheap by our standards.Charlie Robinson gave the vote of thanks.

The Lake District Park Authority

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John FarmerThe speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 20th July was one of their own members, Rotarian John Farmer, who has been a member of The Lake District Park Authority for about a year.

It is made up of 20 members from various bodies, County Council, District Councils, Parish Councils, and others, and he explained about how he was selected as a Parish Council representative. He then further explained how the Authority works and itemised the various committees and their functions and responsibilities.

He finished by discussing the current state of their bid to gain World Heritage status and how this would benefit the area.

Rotarians for 50 years

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Ruth and Ray At the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 18th May President Ruth Otway presented a certificate to Ray Fielding for being a Rotarian for 50 years.  At  the next meeting of the club on the 1st June she presented Dick Etheridge with his certificate.