Flood Appeal

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Collection & Donations Amount Specific Donations
Street Collection (in our buckets) £3,305.60
Collection at Booths £1,939.96
Levens Choir Carol Singing £468.13
Collection at ASDA £825.29 Kendal Relief in Need Fund
Donation from our Charity Account £500.00
K Shoes Pensioners Club £250.00
Other (local) donations £310.00
RC of Chicester £2,000.00
RC of Chichester Priory £1,000.00
RC of Hemel Hempstead £1,000.00
Our and District 1190 funds £700.00 Kendal Food Bank - baby food, requisites & clothing
Via Kendal Rotary Club (plus) £12,298.98
KSW Street Collection £3,681.30
KSW Club Donation £2,000.00
Total via the two Rotary Clubs £17,980.28

Grants Given and a Donation Received

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Grants Given and a Donation Received

Donations received in the wake of Storm Desmond in December 2015, have so far enabled Rotary District 1190 to allocate 20 grants to community groups. At the club meeting on Monday 25th April President Martin Jayne was pleased to hand over cheques for two substantial grants from the District flood relief fund.

Kendal Deaf Centre

The Deaf Centre building was flooded to a depth of two feet and the walls, plaster and floors badly damaged. In the course of repairs the floor had to be lifted and further damage to the foundations was discovered. This was old damage, not arising from the flood, but had to be repaired. The substantial cost of work was met in part by insurance, however a flood excess in the policy and exclusion of the old damage left the Centre with a worrying amount outstanding.

Ian Douglas on behalf of the Deaf Centre was very happy and much relieved to receive a cheque from the District fund for £30,000 to meet the cost of building repairs not covered by insurance.

Kendal Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadets' building on Queen Katherine Street was badly flooded by the storm and their musical instruments irreparably damaged. The cost of new brass instruments meant that it was unlikely the Sea Cadets Band could continue.  As the band has been a valuable way of recruiting new cadets the loss of the instruments could have threatened the organisation itself.

Sub/Lt (SCC) Neil L Allison RNR, Commanding Officer Kendal Sea Cadets was delighted to receive a cheque for £10,000 from the fund to enable the Sea Cadets to replace their instruments and to continue playing.

Give and ye shall receive

Derek Sutcliffe, a Past President of the Rotary Club of Knutsford, guest of Philip Hoyle presented the Club with a cheque for £500 to be added to the fund we have established to assist the Village of Khiraule in Nepal in recovering from the effects of the most recent earthquake. This fund now stands at £3,272.84 and Philip will meet with Lhakpa Sherpa and Pat Steel in June to discuss the best use of these funds.

Minibus Emergency Boxes

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Presentation of minibus emergency boxOn 19th October President Martin handed over three Minibus Emergency Boxes to Sandgate Special School in Kendal.  The photo shows teacher Katie Lewis and children from the school.

The donation came from the realisation that if an accident happened to a minibus full of children, they would need equipment not currently carried on the school's buses.  The boxes contain Hi-viz vests, space blankets and a wind up torch and are labelled as a gift from Kendal Rotary Club.

The club is offering to prepare boxes labelled with the name of other clubs for them to present to local schools at a cost of £50.00 (plus postage and packing).