My £2.5 million PhD

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rOGER sIDDLEThe speaker at the meeting of Kendal Rotary on 19th February was one of our own members, Roger Siddle, who gave a talk entitled ‘My £2.5 million PhD’.

He told the story of his time at Manchester University studying high energy physics and working with a group that were exploring nucleon isobars ('heavy protons') at the Daresbury Science Laboratory near Runcorn.

Where did the money go? 200 hours of beam time from the Daresbury accelerator which cost the country £10,000 per hour in current money!  The results included the first indications that protons contain tiny, dense particles - now known as quarks.

South Cumbria Rivers Trust

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The speaker at the meeting of Kendal Rotary Club on 12th February was Jayne Wilkinson of the South Cumbria Rivers Trust, who gave a presentation on the work of the organisation. 

Founded in 2006 and employing eight staff and many volunteers, its aims are to ‘Monitor, Protect and Conserve Waterbodies’ which encompasses all river and becks, lakes, tarns and watercourses and covers all aspects including agricultural pressures, the effect of tourism, domestic hazards, pollution, flooding, wildlife conservation, water management and many others.

The Cumbria Community Foundation

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The speaker at the meeting of Kendal Rotary on 5th February was Dr Jenny Benson, the Philanthropy Officer for the Cumbria Community Foundation, who gave an informative presentation on the aims and workings of the organisation.

Better well known for its flood grants following the devastating effects of Storm Desmond in 2015, the Foundation in fact encompass many other functions and Dr Benson detailed all of them.

The Foundation’s mission is: “Cumbria Community Foundation exists to alleviate poverty and disadvantage and strengthen Cumbria’s communities by inspiring people who give money with impactful and potentially life-changing projects.”


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Colin JamesThe speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 4th December was Colin James who gave a fascinating talk about his love of puzzles.

He brought with him many puzzles  from his collection and explained about the varies types ranging from simple shape puzzles to the fiendishly difficult Rubic’s Cube in all its many incarnations.

He also brought a number of puzzles for members to have a go with varying degrees of success.

Kendal BID (Kendal Improvement District)

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Sarah WilliamsThe speaker at the meeting of Kendal Rotary Club on 20th November was Sarah Williams of ‘Kendal BID’ (Kendal Improvement District) who explained that it was started four years ago with the aim of promoting and enhancing  the town.

It is run by a main board manned by people from some of the 700 businesses that have signed up to the scheme as well as representatives from the local Councils.

Among its many ways of achieving this are, promoting Swipii – Kendal’s Loyalty Card, encouraging a clean, safe and attractive environment, supporting all the local festivals, installing new Christmas lights, producing town trails leaflets (History Trail& Food and Wine Trail) and re-branding the town.