My Military Career

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The speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 21st March was Major Justin Tancrel of the Parachute Regiment who gave a very moving account of his time commanding a company of soldiers in Helman Province in Afghanistan.

He highlighted the realities of war and its effect on the men and he outlined his time out there and spoke about the objectives of the British Army.

It was not just about fighting the Taliban but also to try to improve the lot of the populace and bring back some form of governance to the local people.

An Extramarital Affair

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David Ratcliffe with Olympic torchThe speaker at the meeting 14th March  was David Ratcliffe who gave a talk entitled ‘An Extramarital Affair’!  Not as you might imagine, but the story of his passion for running.

He  started originally because his then employer suggested that he should take part in the cross country team (something he had never done before), and after much persuasion he finally agreed to do the job and from that moment he was hooked. He subsequently became fitter and fitter which resulted in him running numerous marathons. Bolton, Windermere, London (7 times), New York and the Great North Run 14 times and also twice as a guide runner, to name but a few.

Whilst doing so he has raised many thousands of pounds for charity and in 2012 he received the ultimate accolade in being selected to be an Olympic Torch bearer running through Kendal.

Our Web Sites

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The speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 7th March was Rtn. Roger Siddle, one of their own members, who is responsible for designing and maintaining the club’s website.

He felt that members needed to understand how to use the site and the benefits of keeping it up-to-date and regularly updating its content as an ideal way of distributing information about the activities undertaken by the club.

He further went on to demonstrate both the District website but also the Rotary International site and how they can inform the public about the ethos of the Rotary movement worldwide. The introduction of a ‘Facebook’ page is fast becoming one of the best ways of communication for the club and generates a great deal of interest from local people.

Our secretary's "Retro Job Talk"

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Tim KeeganThe speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 29th February was one of their own members, Past President Tim Keegan, who gave his ‘Retro Job Talk’ in which he outlined his working career since leaving school.

Since graduating from Durham University he initially worked for a short time in a number of companies before finally settling for a job with K Shoes. Once there he had a number of managerial positions ranging from computer systems, data processing, organising sales conferences  and customer services.

Now retired he devotes much of his time to ‘Scouting’ with the 1st Kendal Scout Group and is still  active at District level.

Music Links

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Trevor Avery & Andy HalseyThe speakers at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 22nd February were Trevor Avery and Andy Halsey from ‘Music Links’ who gave a presentation detailing the work of the charity and how it has benefited the community since its inception in 2001.

They talked about its aims of working with young people, with particular emphasis on disabled and special needs groups, and providing workshops and initiatives to encourage them to actively partake in music. Over the years there has been many community projects, which started with a specifically modified music bus which toured around the south of Cumbria giving local bands a chance to perform in public.

An impromptu ‘jam session’ from Rotarians rounded off the talk although I doubt it would make the hit parade!