3 Counties Challenge 2014

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Riders in the 3CCIn 2014 the Tour de France will start in Yorkshire next year on the same weekend that we would normally have run our 3 Counties Challenge cycling fund-raising event.

To spare Messrs Wiggins and Froome the agonising decision of which event to participate in we have decided to move the date of the 3CC to 17th August 2014.  Full details of the venue, routes and regulations are available on the web site and on-line registration will open soon.  We will offer the two outstanding routes of 60 and 112 miles as in previous years, and add another feed station on the longer route. 

Kendal Defibrillator Appeal

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Kendal Defibrillator AppealThe Kendal Town Council is supporting an initiative to provide more public defibrillators in the town and recently agreed to purchase one. These are used to help counter the onset of heart attacks - immediate access to a defibrillator can save a life. 

The Rotary Club of Kendal is working with the Council to invite local residents to contribute towards the cost of making more machines available.  They will be installed around Kendal to ensure that anyone who needs it will not be far from a defibrillator and the precise locations will be discussed with the local doctors and ambulance service. The cost of each machine is in excess of £1,000 and we need to attract wide ranging support for this appeal.

The Kendal Jubilee Walk

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The Jubilee Walk medalOn Saturday the 21st April, the Rotary Club of Kendal held a sponsored walk in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, to enable local organisations the chance to raise funds.

Starting and finishing at Kirkbie Kendal School, there were two routes, one of six miles to Sedgwick and back, and the other of two miles to the top of Kendal Castle and back. All walkers received a certificate and the Mayor of Kendal, Jonathan Brook, was on hand for much of the day to officially present them with medals.

With over 400 children and adults taking part, the event managed to eventually raise collectively around £6000 - £7000. The walk was generously supported by Kendal Town Council and others, which allowed the Rotary Club to be able to donate all the entry fees, £1200, to local organisations.

Rotary Day 2012

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To celebrate Rotary Day 2012, the Rotary Club of Kendal held a second hand book sale last week in the now empty Tourist Information Centre adjacent to Kendal Town Hall. The event was to publicise Rotary, look for potential new members and raise awareness of our efforts to eradicate Polio. The sale held over three days managed to raise £563.70.

As part of the event we enlisted the help of Kendal’s Town Crier to encourage people to come in and also had a display featuring the Rotary by-line, ‘we’re that close’, with photographs of local dignitaries showing how close we are to finally getting rid of the scourge of Polio.

3 Counties Challenge

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See our web site devoted to the 3 Counties Challenge.

What a day, lovely weather at last, and good support again. It's beginning to feel comfortable, I'm so grateful that key members who helped, especially those who continued with established roles.

The finishFirstly - the results, whilst total numbers (187 riders each paying £25 or £20) are still disappointing, that will bring us about £2,000 with all costs covered. We are grateful to cypherdigital (Milnthorpe) for continuing to sponsor us with the production of the maps and numbers. We await the results of individual sponsorships for the Cancer Care 25 mile ride; with 30 riders, it only needs a small number to bring useful returns.

Big thanks go to those who helped to make it a success. It was a relief that Roger Siddle took over the website, we now have a much firmer foundation for future years. Richard Mathews managed the accounts and food provisions superbly again, and he has agreed to continue with the food arrangements for next year. Trevor Hughes did the work on updating the maps and directions and Peter Smith managed the car parking at Dallam School.